Event Area

Welcome to our event area

Dunnington Reading Rooms
14/05/2016 at 1900-2100
Address Details:
YO19 5PW
Poppleton Green
30/05/2016 at 1230-1530
Address Details:
YO26 6DP

A fun afternoon around the Maypole for Poppleton children's sports day.
Ripon Spa Gardens
05/06/2016 at 1400-1600
Address Details:
Park Street,
Ripon HG4 2AX

Our first concert at Ripon Spa Gardens
Stamford Bridge Gala
19/06/2016 at TBC
Address Details:
Westbank Park, York
26/06/2016 at 1300-1600
Address Details:
Hamilton Drive,
York YO24 4NS

Come and join us at this annual jamboree
Knaresborough Castle
03/07/2016 at 2:00-4:00pm
Address Details:
Castle Yard,
Knaresborough HG5 8AS

A concert in a beautiful setting. Let's hope for a beautiful day.
Goole Bandstand
31/07/2016 at 1400-1600
Address Details:
Hook Road,
Goole DN14 5JB

Open air band stand concert next to the river in the lovely gardens on Hook Street, Goole.
Burnby Hall Gardens
14/08/2016 at 1400-1600
Address Details:
Pocklington YO42 2QF

Open air concert around the ever popular Burnby Hall Gardens bandstand
Cawood Craft Fair
27/08/2016 at 1400-1600
Address Details:
Cawood YO8 3SN

Join us in the vicarage gardens as we take part in the annual three day festival
Brodsworth Hall
29/08/2016 at 1400-1600
Address Details:
Brodsworth DN5 7XJ

Come along to listen to the band in the beautiful grounds of Brodsworth Hall
Selby Park Bandstand
10/09/2016 at TBC
Address Details:
Selby YO8 4PR

Concert in a lovely bandstand in Selby